The Fans

The fans are the heart of this book. Their eyewitness stories set this apart from the kind of book that merely reenacts the box score. Hearing from fans in their own words lets you smell the peanuts and Crackerjacks, and helps you hear the crack of the bat.

These folks were kind enough to share their experience of Baseball's Starry Night:

Cardinals Fans -- Dathan Brooks, Christine Coleman, Daniel Shoptaw, Tony Bender, Chris Mallonee

Braves Fans -- Katie, Martin Gandy, Lauren Turbyfield, Josh Gralton, Craig Patterson

Red Sox Fans -- Tom Deady, Tim Tribou, Allan Wood, Ralph Quattrucci, Lori Ducharme, Stewart O'Nan, Ken Preuss

Rays Fans -- Merrill Frazier, Lenn "Gio" Fraraccio, Annette Baesel

Thank you all, and thanks also to those who contributed mini-stories, anecdotes, networking, and encouragement.